What Clients Are Saying

A letter from Dan Viste, President of Warzyn, Inc., a 225-person U.S. environmental consulting and services company.

"We had recently undergone a change in leadership after a lengthy period during which the firm had not been profitable and morale had deteriorated from prior levels. We wanted to see how our people felt about the company and its opportunities. We also wanted to identify where improvements could be made to improve morale and profitability. We found the results of the Organizational Alignment  Survey to be enlightening and helpful. The mere act of conducting the survey boosted morale because it showed staff that new management was interested in knowing what they thought. We began to implement recommendations from the survey and steadily improved our performance over the following months. One year after completing the survey, we had improved the company's profitability by over $1 million on a revenue base of $25 million.

Obviously, certain improvements would have been made with or without the survey. Yet there is no doubt that implementing the OAS was an integral part of the overall improvement strategy. Soon after the improvement in financial performance, Warzyn leadership decided to complete what has been a very successful merger."


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