“Over the years of our operation, we had developed a number of processes that we were unable to verify in term of relevance. (...) ValueView® is a simple and straightforward way of identifying what improvements we should make and what we should focus on“


Ryszard Lorek President of SGB Bank SA Poland

“Organizational Agility helped to clear the air so we could proceed with necessary changes in strategies and practices that reflect the basic values of our company.”


John Young, Former CEO, Hewlett Packard

“I wish to express Council’s appreciation for the work Dawson McDonald & Associates undertook earlier this year to help us better understand our organisational climate.
Council has been determined to improve its performance and the quality of its service delivery to its diverse range of customers. The Organisational Alignment Survey has enabled us to better understand the workplace culture and key issues which have hampered our capacity to improve delivery.
Whilst the details of our survey were, at times, confronting, the analysis provides a very clear picture and subsequent path for Council to follow to achieve success.“



“Your Executive Overview presentation really helped my Executive Team to focus on the critical issues that arose from the results. I liked the combination of being given clear recommendations on the action we should take and also have the option of examining the detailed statistics. One of the most powerful aspects of the Survey is that it has given us fresh insights on issues critical to our business success.“


Fiona Mellor, Advertising Sales Director, The Herald & Weekly Times Pty Ltd. (HWT), Australia

“The most pleasing feature of the survey was the ability to capture the information that is important to us in such a timely manner. Confidentiality was of clear importance to us and the ability to complete the survey on line, via a password control, guaranteed the integrity of the anonymity. Hence, the excellent participation rate. “


Mark Matheson, General Manager – Human Resources, Primus Telecom

“I was amazed to see that the OAS findings for each of the 12 assessed categories were similiar to our personal observations of the company. The OAS benchmark data, using data from Service Industries as well as the comparison report between my organization and the best in class organization from the database, was very impressive. OAS has helped identify opportunities for Paradise Hotel and Casino to become a true 'paradise' by doing things with the appropriate strategies, which the OAS feedback suggested.“


Mr. Yun-soo Jung, Senior Executive Director, Paradise Hotel and Casino Korea

“The OAS has served to validate a number of key assumptions as well as uncover areas of concern that are not currently on management’s radar screen.“


Martha Collard, Former Director – Human Resources Asia Pacific, Grey Worldwide

“Retention is a better indicator of business success than market share.“


Sasser & Heskett, Corporate Culture and Performance