Leadership® (LE) is a comprehensive assessment, feedback, and workshop program that measures performance-based leadership by focusing on the individual's personality traits, and centers on the business needs of the company and the work needs of the individual manager. It focuses on performance rather than personality, on action rather than character.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Leave with written actionable “action plans” that can be immediately applied on their job.
  • Utilize a comprehensive participant manual resource selection that provides a life-long reinforcement tools.
  • Understand personal leadership strengths and challenges through confidential feedback from subordinates.
  • Pass on the easily Leadership® principles to new employees.
  • Focus on becoming more effective leaders by working toward improved performance and productivity.
  • Stay true to his/her own personality and leadership style and concentrate on practical action to improve performance instead.

Key Features

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Direction through Goals and Vision
  • Motivation Through Rewards and Recognition/Expectation & Initiative
  • Guidance Through Coaching and Modeling
  • Action Planning