Sales Competency Assessment™


Sales Competency Assessment™ (SCA) is a unique survey and coaching tool specifically designed for the development of sales professionals across various industries. It quantitatively measures the skills and competencies of sales professionals in 13 key areas critical to their job performance.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Focus on observable performance factors that can optimize existing skills of their sales force.
  • Measure the results of training programs that are already in place.
  • Analyze and identify the training needs of their sales force.
  • Provide personalized coaching to salespeople based on their level of skills and competencies.


Key Features

Key Elements of Success

• Professional skills and knowledge


Establishing Trust

• Initial contact
• Interaction

Discovering the Clients and Their Needs

• Analyzing needs
• Active listening
• Commercial approach and strategy

Presenting the proposal
Dealing with resistance from the client

• Dealing with objections

Negotiating and Defending the Price

• Negotiating

Closing the Sale
Optimizing Your Sales Activity
• Be prepared
• Be organized
• Be productive