Partnering for Success

In 1998, we (MaST UK) undertook a Climate and Attitude Survey for a large water company (Bournemouth and West Hamshire Water).

The client had told us that morale was generally satisfactory, although there was some factor the CEO could not define which was holding it back. He couldn't put his finger on it so he said.

The Climate and Attitude Survey we ran picked up–from among the 15 dimensions used–that Departmental Co-ordination was way down compared to the others.

This prompted us into advising a Partnering survey so as to understand more about the problem and its issues.

Three divisions took part–Engineering , Supply and Distribution. Results revealed that a number of practices within Openness and Respect were in negative territory.

Workshops took place in March and April leading to significant changes in behavior being agreed between the parties. A number of mutual goals were set, with various new procedures put in place to ensure they are met.

The client has indicated an interest in further Partnering work with us, within the largest of the three divisions mentioned above.

This has been good business so far with more to come hopefully.


In our view, a major benefit of this program is that the client can apply Partnering principles to real live issues during the workshops, rather than trying to make the connection from theory to practice after the event. More and more training is headed this way. Benefits are more immediate and sometimes quantifiable on the bottom line.

David AylwinS


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