Groups of individuals with differing interests who must work together toward mutual goals often face major issues. Partnering methodology, with its principles of respect, shared risk and responsibility, and openness and outcomes, is designed to solve these issues. By letting teams work interdependently and emphasize their areas of mutual interest, they can avoid adversarial behavior and promote greater clarity of goals and effective relationships.

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Objectives & Benefits



  • Increase productivity and reduce costs in areas that involve the working relationships between or among teams.
  • Increase customer retention and serve customers more efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase the success of implementing the “internal customers” concept.
  • Effectively redesign interdepartmental processes.
  • Better collaborate with another organization in a joint venture.

Key Features

  • Partnering Survey
  • Partnering Report with feedback
  • Follow-up training based on survey results
  • Teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Cooperation
  • Organization
  • Efficiency