The Persuasive Salesperson


The Persuasive Salesperson (PS)™ is a skill training methodology that is easy to learn and immediately applicable to real-life sales challenges. It combines a step-by-step analysis of the sales process with the development of goals and appropriate actions for each stage of the sales cycle, along with role playing to apply improved sales skills.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Minimize / eliminate weaknesses.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Positively influence others.
  • Achieve win/win results.


Key Features

Effective Salesperson at the Interpersonal Level
Communication Style Basics
How to Build Trust
Empathy, Flexibility & Defensiveness Selling Process

• A step-by-step analysis of the sales process
• Developing goals and appropriate actions for each stage of the sales cycle
• Applying the knowledge of communication styles to the sales process
• Role Playing: Preparing for that Difficult Client Introduction of each participant’s individual Gameplan
• Role playing with participants on applying improved sales skills
• Gameplan: Reviewing the Gameplan’s step-by-step approach for effectively communicating with your targeted key accounts or difficult clients
• Action planning for continued application of the skills acquired with your most important customers

Added Value Features

01. Self-perception Survey
Participants’ perception of their own communication style.02. Respondent Survey
Respondent Survey
Participants receive feedback about how a peer or colleague perceive their Style, Empathy and Flexibility.
03. Gameplan Case Study
Role playing on how the participant communicates with a “real life” difficult person.


Added Value Features

MOBILE APPLICATIONAll participants can acquire access to Persona’s expert system Gameplanning Software on the iPhone or Android phone to meet future communication challenges. This cutting edge technology help users:
• Reach greater retention and proficient use of acquired skills.
• Take notes, share information/listener profiles with managers and colleagues.
• Include specific benefits their clients are listening for.The app provides business support and reinforcement; it enables delegates to “Prep” themselves just before an important interaction with anyone they need to persuade, influence or motivate.