Storytelling for Sales


Ten years of research has shown that in complex sales, the best storytellers are nearly 200% better than their peers. Storytelling for Sales™ (STS) helps average and star sales performers by imparting the fundamental skills needed to operate effectively within any sales process. Storytelling is a skill that anyone can learn to increase sales - it requires some knowledge, a few new habits and some practice.

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Objectives & Benefits



  • Effectively tell the story of your products and services to close more sales faster.
  • Build fast rapport.
  • Establish Credibility.
  • Demonstrate value.
  • Prepare sales managers to be coaches.
  • Work on real opportunities to make progress towards closing the sale.
  • Identify stories for sellers to tell.
  • Follow-up program to ensure storytelling skills stick.
  • Amplify sales process and other training programs.

Key Features

  • Sales process
  • Identify and develop strategy for live sales opportunities
  • Identify compelling stories to use for future sales
  • 6-month Deliberate Learning Program to embed the learning
  • Story telling skill development