Organizational Engagement Assessment


The potential payoffs for enhancing employee engagement are considerable, but employees are not alike in their motivations. There are 4 different types of communities in a workplace, namely spectators, achievers, deadwood, and cynics. Organizational Engagement Assessment (OEA) examines what it takes to move employees into the achiever community, or those who are actively engaged.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Provides crucial management practices designed to increase employee engagement and develop “achievers”.
  • Focuses on getting from insight to action, optimizing the engagement and dedication of all employees at all levels.
  • Offers a simple, easy to implement process based on only 27 organizational practices and an assessment of managerial engagement.

Key Features

  • Easily accessible results available in organizational report
  • Managerial engagement assessment
  • Management practices to optimize employee engagement
  • Self-assessment
  • Action plan
  • Personalized recommendations