Professional Manager


A manager's success and contribution to an organization depend just as much on effectively working with superiors and peers as leading and managing subordinates. Professional Manager (PM) was developed to increase efficiency among managerial teams and individuals by identifying key organizational issues and actions, developing shared understandings and experiences, and strengthening their networks.

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Objectives & Benefits



  • Clarify about the management role and the operating principles of effective managers.
  • Strengthen ability to use professional management practices.
  • Create an action plan and incorporate it into the individual managerial role.
  • Strengthen organizational network and better working relationships with other managers from your organization.
  • Understand key behaviors that characterize essential operating principles in a business environment.

Key Features

  • Understanding organizations dynamics
  • Understanding team/individual contribution
  • Organizations role for power and influence
  • Teamwork
  • Partnering
  • Openness/Trust
  • Quality
  • Contention
  • Action planning
  • Comprehensive feedback