Organizational Alignment Survey™


Organizational Alignment Survey™ (OAS) is a comprehensive, customizable diagnostic survey that rates an organization in the 13 key areas of customer service that have been proven to be decisive in becoming a best-in-class competitor. The OAS surveys an entire organization and compares it to the best in the market, providing an internal and external benchmark.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Develop competitive advantage; helps organization learn how and where to meet or beat the competition
  • Provide specific organizational tactics, an opportunity to track performance over time, and an objective view of a company
  • Outline a systematic approach to an action plan by identifying gaps and deficiencies in an organization
  • Simplify integration of Customer Experience and Branding/Quality Management
  • Increase sense of ownership and employee involvement within the company, and decreases resistance to change
  • Improve customer retention
  • Assist in aligning training with organizational goals and in defining a strategy for success
  • Act as a S.W.O.T. Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), a catalyst for change and a means to evaluate organizational intervention

Key Features

  • Questionnaire: A sixty-six (66) item questionnaire that measures thirteen key areas in terms of importance and performance: 1. Market Focus 2. Vision, Mission and Strategy 3. Culture 4. Standards and Procedures 5. Service 6. People Policies 7. Climate 8. Quality 9. Leadership 10. Differentiation 11. Performance Tracking 12. Sustaining Performance 13. Results
  • An open-ended comments section covering seven (7) issues.- can be tailored to meet specific criteria
  • A computer generated report at three levels: individual, group and company
  • Specially selected recommendations drawn from a bank of several hundred tactics
  • An executive summary that adds value and local knowledge to the report; written by a certified trainer/consultant.
  • On-line Data Collection: Questionnaires are collected in real-time through the internet assuring that reports and information are accurate and timely for making relevant decisions.