Persona GLOBAL 40th International Conference



We are delighted to announce that our 40th International Conference will be held in Madrid, Spain, September 1-2 with a preliminary schedule of:

Pre-Conference certification: August 30 - 31

Conference presentations: September 1-2

Mini Exposition: September 4

Post-conference workshops and certifications: September 3-6

Persona GLOBAL International Conferences are training events and business opportunities, where you can...

become certified in different workshops, experience some of the most leading edge, high tech, and performance development tools.
network with differ­ent Persona GLOBA
L partners from countries around the world. Many of the performance development tools are brought to us by our Partners.
Persona GLOBA
L Conferences receive high marks for value from delegates, especially those that attend other conferences from well known branded training companies. Conferences are also "awareness" events and educational opportunities. 


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