Hydro Laos Simulation - Stakeholder and Intercultural Management


Hydro Laos simulation provides the experience of managing relationships and winning support for a sensitive environmental project in the safety of a simulated environment.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • BALANCING the economy and financial impact with the need for stakeholders buy-in
  • PROFILING and prioritizing stakeholders
  • DEVELOPING, using and adapting a communication strategy to gather and disseminate information
  • UNDERSTANDING the range of rational and non-rational factors that determine each person's attitude
  • UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT culture has on individual behavior
  • UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENT GOALS of range of external stakeholders and interest groups, and where to create coalitions
  • USING THE INFLUENCE NETWORK to build support


Key Features

Main learning areas:

  • Stakeholder mapping and drivers
  • Communication methods and strategies
  • Understanding and using the influence network
  • Developing intercultural sensitivity