Strategic Feat Simulation - Strategy Execution


The Strategic Feat Simulation provides participants with the engaging and practical experience of implementing a major strategic initiative. It will test their agility and ability to implement change effectively and efficiently. At the end of the simulation, participants will receive an assessment of the short and long-term business results of their strategic initiative based on how successfully they ran the execution of tasks, including how well they managed the team and incorporated the views of the stakeholders.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • PROJECT AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT crucially intertwined roles for successful execution
  • IMPORTANCE OF STAKEHOLDER INFLUENCE on the value delivered by strategic initiatives
  • COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with the team in a two-way process involving both giving and gathering information
  • UNDERSTANDING THE RISK AND TRADE-OFFS that arise during the course of implementation


Key Features

  • Project and risk management techniques
  • Impact of team motivation on implementation
  • Communication with team and stakeholders on strategic initiatives