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Kraft Europe wants to implement an SAP R3 Information System in 18 Europea countries. Successful completion will achieve an 80% uniform IS system through out the 18 European Countries. The Information System will apply to the company’s functions processes (manufacturing, finances, purchasing, and supply chain). The SAP R3 implementation project will begin in France. Open'Act has been continuously successful running the persona's project Management 360° workshop with Kraft since 1995, Open'Act was chosen to help the French core team to initiate the SAP R3 project.


  1. The Senior Project Managers for each business processes have bee designated. Some had followed the project management training (PM360°) others, coming from subsidiaries, had not: How could Kraft France insure that these people will share the same methodology & tools?
  2. The benefits of the project will definitely go to "small" countries and not to "big" ones like France. How will the French Project managers handle potential change resistance from users and their managers?
  3. The project managers selected come from different departments and locations. How could they become a solid winning team?


Determined by the Project Director and Project Managers for each business process:
  • Share common methodologies, techniques & tools
  • Build and develop cohesion and coherence within the core team and enable each project manager to do the same within their own teams
  • Develop project awareness concerning change leadership and enable each to effectively communicate their role as a change agent.

“This is the first time in my professional experience that I've seen a workshop so productive and practical”


Over the course of three days the core team participated in Persona's Project Management 360° workshop. All the participants appreciated the 360° tool and individual action plans were constructed after sharing results. The Project Director concluded the seminar saying: "This is the first time in my professional experience that I have seen a seminar so productive and concrete".

The project has accomplished the following results:

  • The validation phase ended on time.
  • 40 user's workshops have run and an internal survey demonstrated that the level of adhesion for the project was the highest obtained compared with other European countries.
  • The French business process was selected as the business process model for other European countries.


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