The workshop “The Persuasive Communicator” was very inspirational, energizing and brought to the team lots of ideas and knowledge. An excellent program. I would rate the training as a 10 out of 10 and highly recommend to Sales teams and all other teams who need to improve relations. The app is really great and helpful.


João Figueiroa, Human Resources Director, Europcar Portugal

“I would definitely recommend you to others.

This was an excellent workshop delivered at a personal one-on-one level. The day spent with John & Carmel was definitely an eye opener where I learnt new things about not only how I am perceived by my colleagues but they also equipped me with tools that would aid me in influencing key people in the hierarchy and external clients.“


Philanthropic Relations Coordinator, Deakin University, Australia.

“I Can talk about it only in Superlativus.“


Zsuzsa Dioszegi, Pharmaceutical Site Director at Sanofi

“The Persuasive Communicator from Persona Global is a complete methodology. We have used it in training our team leaders in order to become better skilled as mentors and coaches for their people. Everybody expressed satisfaction about the feedback report, about the training methodology and insights and, of course about the trainer and the course atmosphere. Great experience working with MMM Consulting the Persona Global partner for Romania.“


Anca Tudorache, HR Head Siemens Romania

The renowned Leadership Academy Aarau judges Persuasive Communicator as the best in class concept to develop communication and leadership skills of the participants during learning and in their professional environment.
Particularly appreciated by the participants are topics related to challenging situations such as complaints handling, conflict management, peer coaching or to perform a convincing presentation.
In their end-of-program review, students regularly qualify the 2-days offsite workshop, performed during the first two month of the program, in the top three of all sessions.
Above all acclaimed is knowledge and consideration of social styles being extremely positive towards quality and efficiency of project work and on the team's overall progress.
Not to forget the inclusive positive effect on Alerion’s reputation because the number of participants equal number of companies talking at management level about us.
Next sessions already planned for Nov. 2017 and Nov. 2018



Persona Persuasive Communicator – Fundamental impact in Swiss Post Graduate Leadership Program

“Our clients like Nestlé, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Volkswagen demand this kind of skills. They need to get our information our ideas very effectively, very briefly. In order to reach the same my team attended to a very professional program called Professional Presentation Live. We use this kind of skills in our daily life especially in tender presentations where 4, 5 or 6 advertising agencies are competing for one project. In order to reach the same I think my company uses these presentation skills every day and we are very happy that we attended to this kind of program.“


Csaba Kollar, Client Service Director at PopGroup International Advertising Agency

“I usually say to my employees as there is no life without air, similarly too there is no business success without strong communication skills. Presentation skills can only be developed by lots of practicing. I am delighted that there is a good program that makes it possible. I strongly recommend this  FreeRunner simulation or I better to say I feel it mandatory for every sales and management personnel.“


Attila Tihanyi , Caterpillar Hungary, Logistic Manager

“I appreciated it very much that I can practice with the help of FreeRunner for these occasions in a riskfree environment. I was faced with examples and situations which happen really in real life therefore it prepared me very well for my real situations. Also in terms of applicability I find it a positive fact that you can use it in a wild range within the organization. You might wonder why a finance director is that keen on presentation techniques but I believe that these days without proper communication skills there is no leadership function or job that you can fulfill properly and your impact will be only the quality one if you are prepared well for those situations.“


Peter Konecsni, Finance Director of Unilever in Central and Eastern Europe.

“This app is now as much a part of my toolkit as my phone and tablet. It’s mobile, it reminds and assists me to approach others in the way that they want me to. Since using the app I don’t talk my way out of as many opportunities.  The Persona app is installed on my tablet and is easy to use without drawing attention to it.  Client profiles are saved so I can refresh before I talk with prospects again.

It’s not a gimmick, it’s simply about understanding people and communicating with them in the way that engages them. Isn’t that the point of relationship building?

I’ve been to a lot of sales & relationship building courses, but this is the first one where you take the tool with you into your business.“


P. Marshall, Manager — Business Development. ProRisk

“The (PG) Persuasive Communicator Program is an excellent work tool and its applicability to the Sales Force makes a positive impact and also plays a decisive role in the results.

This is a fantastic technique that promotes a positive behavior change in the way of performance of the Sales Force.

I write this based on my experience - the methodology implemented for approximately 650 professionals: Directors/National Sales Managers/Territory Managers/Technical Consultants/Account Managers/Representatives/Interns/Marketing and Brand Managers/ between Danone (my current company) and Pfizer/Wyeth (previous company).

The applicability of the sales force is very simple and immediately after the Course. The concepts are very simple to incorporate into the medical calls and the coaching process by Sales Managers.

Beyond the Sales Force, the project can (and should) as a suggestion to involve other areas directly related to the business of the CIA, for example:

  • Internal: Marketing and Healthcare can prepare and adapt the promotional materials and strategies, customizing promotional messages according to the communication style of doctors.
  • Sales Managers (all levels): improved communication (relationship) between the team and assists in the process of coaching.


Paulo Henrique Garbuio, Sales Training Manager, Danone Medical Nutrition

“Mi opinión respecto al Proyecto “Transition to Management” de Persona Global es muy positiva. Ha cubierto nuestras expectativas, ya que ha sido recibido de manera satisfactoria por nuestros colaboradores por su aplicabilidad y utilidad demostrables; y además, es una muy buena herramienta para su desarrollo directivo que les permite adaptar la comunicación a cada situación, mejorar su impacto e influencia y manejar con éxito las situaciones de conflicto. Me gustaría destacar la profesionalidad y atención del equipo de Persona Global."

Recursos Humanos

"My opinion on the project "Transition to Management" by Persona GLOBAL is very positive. It has met our expectations,has been successfully received by our staff for its applicability and demonstrable usefulness,and is also a good tool for management development because it allows them to tailor communication to each situation, to improve its impact and influence and successfully manage conflict. I would like to highlight the professionalism and care of team Persona GLOBAL.“



“Persuasive Communicator is an interactive course where participants were able to interact with each other, to assess themselves but also other colleagues, to understand why at some point we behave in one way or another, and how we can improve our relationships with others. As with any soft skills training, the contribution of the facilitator is very important, and we had a teacher who knew how to provoke us in discussions and exchanges of views, to advice us, to explain not only the course theory but also to give us examples of everyday life. I think after this course, my team unrevealed some mysteries of human behavior and from the course on people worked together much easier and had an optimal approach with clients who come in contact (that is a telesales team).“


Irina Captariu, Tele Management Lead, Microsoft Romania

“Together with MMM Consulting, we organized in April a workshop for our management team. I have found the methodology “Persuasive Communicator” more than adequate for what we had need. We are a new team, a team that is in its beginning state of knowing each other and we hope that soon we will reach the stage of consolidation.

We experienced a more than useful tool for our organization and more than that, we had a trainer who had the ability to present this tool and its benefits in a pleasant manner, with examples close to our reality. Finally, I discovered things I have known about us, but also completely new things, I have seen what is the perception of others regarding our communication style and more, I left with confidence in us and trust us as a team. Different opinions shows you different perspectives but also helps you know yourself! “Persuasive Communicator” helped us in have an insight about our individual flexibility and about the level of empathy that we have. In terms of our organization, we will use again the questionnaire for different employees and I am sure the results and their feedback will be as positive as it was from the management team.“


Irina Captariu, Tele Management Lead, Microsoft Romania

“My opinion on the project ""Transition to Management"" by Persona GLOBAL is very positive. It has met our expectations,has been successfully received by our staff for its applicability and demonstrable usefulness,and is also a good tool for management development because it allows them to tailor communication to each situation, to improve its impact and influence and successfully manage conflict. I would like to highlight the professionalism and care of team Persona GLOBAL.“


Sara Gonzalez, Human Resources, MAPFRE, Spain

“I find myself surprised by the fact I am writing these words, my participation in the Persuasive Communicator workshop proved equally a surprise. The workshop showed itself to be insightful and informative, anyone participating will not only receive what I could best describe as a formula for needs of other individuals, that being customers or co-workers. I previously may have I am sure subconsciously 'Attempted to satisfy another individual needs' That's not a line many of us use frequently 'Attempting to satisfy other peoples needs', simply put interact with a person in a manner they feel comfortable, I admit I prefer to work with people who are like minded, the workshop however enables you to do this in a far more systematic manner. Knowing how best to offer your thoughts and ideas tailored to any given person or situation is obviously a very useful platform in building a relationship with customers and or colleagues.“


Paul Speechley, General Manager, Smith-Confind S.R.L

“Thank you for your guidance and coaching. The sessions were excellent, challenging and deeply useful. You fundamentally changed my approach to ‘coaching’ our management team and provided some powerful tools and insights that have enabled me to communicate more persuasively up the line. (This was) one of the most useful personal development programs I have completed.“


Fernando Lima, Human Resources VP, Votorantim Brazil

“I’ve been in the training industry for 20 years and I’m convinced this is the best program I’ve ever seen.”


Yvon Dray, Director of Training for Operations, Alcatel, Mexico City

“I do recommend everyone from sales people to top managers of huge corporations to participate in the "Persuasive Communicator" workshop. This is incredible how much easier and more pleasant you may communicate with your trading partners, employees, same level managers and even your family at home. People start listen to you and they hear what you are telling them! And what is most important, the results are immediate.“


Grzegorz Bors, Managing Director – Privater Market, Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, Poland

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you for your very professional service and delivery to my senior staff with regard to the Persona Leadership Program. Each one of them found the experience to be very beneficial.

Whilst some of the findings were confronting and challenging at times, they were able to feel positive and confident about a) receiving the feedback b) engaging in some self reflection and c) learning strategies for improvement.“


Joan Fitzpatrick, CEO, Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance