Management Puzzle


The Management Puzzle (MP) simulation game was developed to enable managers to test different components and practices in the organization that can affect overall efficiency.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Improved personnel motivation & reduced personnel turnover
  • Increased efficiency of the department as a whole
  • Enhanced managerial flexibility and a holistic understanding of the supervisor’s role in personnel management
  • Improved skills in assessing employees’ strengths and weaknesses to cope more successfully with employees that previously caused them difficulty
  • Improved skills in prioritizing personnel issues when time is at a premium
  • Ability to understand their own communication skills and how well they take account of their personnel

Key Features

  • How to assign jobs among the employees
  • How to factor in their aptitudes and attitudes when assigning the jobs
  • How much time to devote to their development and supervision
  • How to assign certain job functions to employees
  • Whether to spend time on retaining and coaching the employees, or attempt at all costs to achieve maximum performance by the department as soon as possible