Chronos© offers an in-depth "revisit" to time and priorities management for a more productive and serene professional life. It gives managers the tools to clarify objectives (personal, professional, short and long- term goals, etc.) and priorities to reach effective results.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Gain knowledge of a method and techniques to efficiently manage priorities.
  • Improve individual and collective productivity.
  • Develop your delegation processes.
  • Better handle your stress and face the growing pressure of the market.
  • Manage relationships to turn others into allies in time management.
  • Discover and optimize one’s own style of time management and priorities.
  • Anticipate events and how to efficiently deal with emergencies and changes.

Key Features

  • Discover the laws of time and their affect on us
  • Identify key actions and behaviors for internalizing these laws for more efficient management of time and priorities
  • Key prioritization techniques
  • Successful organization practices pertaining to different communication tools
  • Chronostyle identification
  • Optimization of Chronostyle assets and safeguarding of flaws
  • Individual action plan
  • Individual reports with feedback
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Organization