Managing Performance®


Improving and maintaining high productivity has always been a major concern to organizations, and they recognize that their human resources are the major factor. The Managing Performance(MP) program is a comprehensive skill-building workshop for managers of any level who want to install evidence-based procedures that research has shown will improve and maintain human performance.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Understanding of how to consider the aptitudes and attitudes of personnel for tackling various jobs.
  • Enhanced managerial flexibility and a holistic understanding of the supervisor’s role in personnel management.
  • Improved abilities in assessing employee’s strengths and weaknesses, providing developmental feedback, and setting assignments to expand their potential.
  • Selecting and identifying an individual style of development that depends on how the employee absorbs new information.
  • Understanding of the link between managerial flaws and organization efficiency.
  • Understanding of the priorities in handling personnel when time is at a premium.
  • Improved work performance by departments due to the shaping of a professional management system.
  • Improved personnel motivation.