SIMTalent, a simulation developed by SIMDUSTRY® provides learning and solutions to attract and retain high performers, as well as to win the race for talent and propel performance.

“How do I maximize the use of my resources (time, sales support, and conditions)?”
“How can I contribute to optimize the turnover, reputation and stability?”

Objectives & Benefits


  • Achieve talent development, team development, and succession planning
  • Ability to determine staff appraisals, - feedback, development and severance discussions – motivation and task allocations
  • Systemic effects of decisions
  • Reflection & direct application of learning on a real-life team

Key Features

  • Evaluate each team member based on his/her pre-defined personality task profile
  • Experience the system impact of your decisions
  • Select team members for new positions & responsibilities
  • Tie talents to the company by minimizing their retention risk
  • Create development plans considering both personal & business needs
  • Develop a solid succession plan for team members and manager