Innovative Decision Making


Innovative Decision Making (IDM) is an individualized, self-assessment, and workshop-based methodology that addresses the need to arrive at the best decisions. It examines how different creative intellects approach problems, and how using specific tools and techniques can lead to a far greater range of decision “outcomes.”

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Use the skills and tools to enhance capacity to innovate
  • Differentiate left and right brain thinking and apply each to various parts of the decision making process
  • Organize and carry through decisions by applying creativity factors
  • Apply course content to reach a business decision on actual situations
  • Create a plan for development based on their personal IDM feedback report and what they have learned in the workshop


Key Features

Developing a Mentoring Mindset

An introduction and understanding the differences of communication styles

Communication Style

Identifying when to use the force of paradigms and when to use creativity

Creativity Factors

Defining and differentiating right brain/left brain approaches

Questioning techniques for managers

Questioning techniques that stimulate themselves and group inventiveness

Profile feedback

Individual/team profile Review

The Four Phases of Decision Making


• Identify
• Search
• Evaluate
• Select


Determining when and whether to use team vs. individual decision making approaches

The Process

Introducing questioning tools for each phase

Application/Case Study

Opportunity for an excellent team-building session


Individual case study on an individual decision