“This is the moment I’d like to thank you.

It took a while, but I could use my acquired skills in action at a conference in Malta a few weeks ago. I suspect that if I was not sure about the power of the story, I would not have decided to go out to nearly 200 people from all over Europe.

Never before have so many people come to me to congratulate an intriguing speech.

And all thanks to three stories: about Robert Lewandowski, holes in Iron Curtain and Wedel chocolate. And thanks to what I learned on Storytelling for Leaders.“


Jan Biłyk CEO Laurens Coster Poland

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am at your team’s efficiency and incredible client focus . You guys really rock !!
Your team was awesome at getting the job done and we are now in a position to launch the Aptus Health MAP operation on time – thanks to you guys

Thanks a lot to everyone at Persona !!“


Claude MacDonald, Managing partner Talentuum Inc., Canada

“Thank you for your guidance and coaching over the past eight months or so.  The sessions... were excellent, challenging and deeply useful.  You fundamentally changed my approach to ‘coaching’ our management team and provided some powerful tools and insights that have enabled me to communicate more persuasively up the line.

Your style, knowledge and very evident practical industry experience made your coaching sessions one of the most useful personal development programs I have completed  You run a very professional program and I am thankful that we somehow came to be working together.  Please feel free to include me as a very satisfied client.“


General Manager, COUNTRY FIRE AUTHORITY, Australia.

"The strength of the Direct Leadership® is, that it looks at the world from the leader's day-to-day perspective and takes a practical, pragmatic approach to the job of leading others. The roles provide a good overview of the many-facetted challenges and the four styles show how to take different approaches depending on the situation. To me Direct Leadership® ​has been a very good tool to create clear expectations about leadership at different levels of my organization."


Bente Balling, CEO of Danish Employment Insurance Company

Our customer service level not only increased measurably, our customer complaints dropped to zero and our profits hit record levels.


Vice President, Multi State Financial Institution

“In the realm of leadership and management training, the focus on what you do versus what you know is a new idea for many.“


Michael Skirving, MaST U.K., implemented Persona LE methodology for Haden Drysys

“We are much more effective now that we are committed to performance measurement and focusing on customers, we intend to stay on top of market shifts and keep adjusting our culture to provide premier value to customers.”


Robert Powell, Executive Vice President, Omaha Paper Company