Everyone’s life has circumstances that cause happiness, sadness and stress. The Resilience workshop provides tools and techniques to counter stress and fatigue, sustain work performance and enhance overall well-being. This workshop includes an assessment and can also support the Emotional Capability workshop.

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Objectives & Benefits




  • Builds understanding of resilience and how this enables people to cope in adverse situations.
  • Aids in enabling sustained work performance and overall well-being.
  • Provides tools and techniques to combat stress and fatigue often experienced in times of change.
  • Enables people to cope with change from mergers, restructuring, relocations, and more.
  • Assists organizations to meet legal obligations with respect to stress and fatigue.
  • Can be used as a development tool to support team building or as the basis of individual coaching for development or career planning.

Key Features

  • The 7 skill sets of resilience and comprehensive overview of the constructs
  • Individual Resilience Profile and feedback
  • Practical tools to apply insights in everyday life
  • Combined with workshop or one on one coaching
  • Comprehensive participant workbook