NeuroView is the first neuro-management based leadership assessment that measures eight practices associated with enhancing high performance and high trust cultures. Trust is transformational in an organizational setting and imperative for organizational success and the role of leadership in building a culture of trust is fundamental. Studies have shown that employees in high trust cultures report delivers better performance. 

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Measures eight leadership practices in 16 behavioral questions.
  • Enhances high performance and high trust cultures.
  • Ideal for use in leadership development, executive coaching, and management training programs.
  • Facilitates behavior and habit change.
  • Provides participants with the necessary understanding and skills to develop leaders in a high trust culture.
  • Can be integrated into the neuroscience goal setting and evaluation program; Momentor for sustained focus on the participants professional development.

Key Features

  • Neuroscience based Leadership assessment
  • Leadership and behavior measurements
  • Assessment and Report