Management Action Profile™


Management Action Profile™ (MAP) is an innovative performance-based, 360° feedback instrument specifically designed for measuring managerial performance in practice areas crucial to managerial success and team effectiveness.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Quick and clear snap shot of how managers are performing at any time
  • Benchmark of current managerial performance in relation to the unit they manage
  • Analysis for determining how to best personalize training for each manager
  • Objective measurement of changes in managerial performance
  • Tool for optimizing company's managerial training resources
  • Way to track the results of coaching given by managers

Key Features


The ability to set group objectives and break them down into operational objectives to be accomplished by each team member.

Personal organizational abilities

The manager’s effectiveness in coordinating and managing priorities within the team.

Information and communication

The manager’s thoroughness in providing the team with useful information and, feedback on their performance, and the manager’s ability to listen along with the manager’s availability.

Power and authority

The way the manager exercises his or her managerial authority within the unit.

Continuous process improvement

The manager’s ability to establish performance standards and implement processes that ensure customer satisfaction and service quality.

Interdepartmental cooperation

The manager’s ability to promote cooperation among different units.

Development of potential and competencies

The manager's ability to develop the competencies and skills of individual unit members and to invest the time and energy required for the team to fulfill its potential.

Team cooperation and motivation

The extent to which members of the unit cooperate, the overall morale of the unit and individual and group motivation.