Professional Presentation 'Live'


The Professional Presentation Live (PPL) offers a cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) solution to improve presentation and communication by winning over the so-called live audience. This futuristic system is best suited for presenters who want to improve their presentation skills through practice and biofeedback.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Handle and prevent stressful presentation
  • Recognize stress level through biofeedback
  • Develop and practice presentation skills in a reactive environment
  • Master effective presentation and communication skills

Key Features

Preliminary questionnaire

• pointing out the areas that require development

1-2 days of class-room training
Individual simulation exercise in a virtual reality space

• Supported by an entirely unique, biofeedback-based 360 degree projection technology

Performance Evaluation

• Evaluation on demanding situations
• Recommended Actions

Presentation Reinforcement

• Developing a new simulation exercise

Written Analysis & development Plan

• Participants also receive recordings from the simulation