Futures Platform


Futures Platform™ is a web-based strategic foresight tool that helps you and your team make your plans future proof. Futures Platform's trend radar visualizes which trends and megatrends will shape your future. You can tap into articles and videos on future topics curated by future foresight experts. You can blend in your own insights and assess future trends together. You make sure your plans and activities are in sync with how the world is changing. This workshop is geared at people whose primary job it is to perform strategic analysis and present findings to decision-makers about the future opportunities and threats.

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Objectives & Benefits

  • Enhance the effectiveness of long range planning through the use of appropriate futures methodological tools including the futures triangle, causal layered analysis, macro and microscenarios, visioning and backcasting.
  • Further enhance the capacity of those in the sector to transform their organizations toward futures-orientation.
  • Clarify trends - particularly changes in societal values and other critical drivers - impacting the organization or sector.
  • Clarify what may be impeding the organization in its attempt to create desired futures.
  • Empower leaders and managers to create the futures they desire and the futures the broader community desires.
  • Develop forecasts, emerging issues, scenarios, preferred visions and backcasts with respect to changing societal values and transport sector responses and frameworks.
  • Enhance the effectiveness to deliver institutional and organizational visions.