Strategic Sales Simulation - Strategic Selling in B2B Context


The Strategic Sales Simulation builds upon a buyer identification process and extends this to the ability to influence and change buyer options. It is complementary to many established sales methodologies and provides a realistic setting in which to practice using these methods.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • SALES APPROACH AND PROCESS. Gather information, balance communication, and use time wisely
  • CLIENT PURCHASE DECISION MAKING. Identify key client individuals and, their roles, and influence and understand the decision making process
  • UNDERSTANDING THE CLIENT. Discover and build upon client needs and the range of rational and non rational factors that drive each buyer’s attitude
  • COMMUNICATION. Appreciate the need for a communication plan, and asking questions and listening, not making assumptions
  • MAKING THE SALE. Manage the sales cycle
  • MAKING THE SALE INTERNALLY. Manage internal expectations and understand internal costs and consequences
  • MOVING FROM TRANSACTION TO PARTNERSHIP. Build a broader, sustainable client relationship


Key Features

  • Identifying and prioritizing decision makers
  • Understanding preferences and drivers
  • Defining solutions according to client needs
  • Value-creating sale for a long-term relationship