Metro Mentoring Platform


The Metro Mentoring Platform (MMP) is a HR development environment that facilitates learning from others (mentoring) within a company or between a selected group of people with shared interests/capabilities. It provides insights into professional competences, automates matching for skill level, and structures growing/developing by means of a unique online mentor model: iGROW.

Objectives & Benefits


  • Connects the strategy of an organization to the desired, observable conduct of employees.
  • Builds a natural database to link people together and help them grow through mentoring.
  • Provides mentors with essential knowledge and resources to enable them to effectively mentor others.
  • Unique, interactive learning offered to capture knowledge and facilitate the process of online learning with a connected mentor.

Key Features

  • 360-degree competency assessment
  • Brainstorming session to pinpoint organization challenges
  • Personal profile within the platform for all employees
  • Professional competencies
  • Online mentor model, iGrow
  • Automates matching for mentors based on skill level