Build up Sales Forces Motivation and Competencies


Agridis represents over 60 companies that sell seeds and fertilizers to French Farmers and provides several services that assist in improving productivity.

Agridis is the leading company in the French market, however it is facing increasing competition from local and International companies.

To maintain its market shares and its margin, Agridis found out that the competency and motivation of its sales force was the critical key success factor. Agridis realized that the skills and the performance level of its sales reps was very diverse. Agridis needed to create autonomy and increased awareness within the organization to remain the leading company in the French market.


  • Agridis had to explain its adaptive strategy to its sales reps.
  • Create a competency centre and launch a sales training session plan.
  • Anticipate farmer’s needs. 
  • Become the leading reference on the market.


  • SCA questionnaires were sent to 250 sales reps and their managers
  • Personal feedback was delivered to each sales rep during a national convention.
  • Compared SCA profiles and an “ideal” profile for each sales rep.
  • SCA delivered results that formed the basis for discussion between manager and sales rep.
  • SCA helped determine a set of goals for each sales rep that included an individual training passport.
  • The network members are capable of justifying their agreement as an Agridis distributor.


Following the SCA workshop, a management assessment was performed by using Persona’s Management Action Plan. Agridis was recognized and rewarded by the European Community for their leading approach.


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