M@gic is an assessment tool that helps teams and leaders identify their maturity level and determine concrete collective or individual actions and behaviors that will develop or reinforce team cohesiveness. M@gic brings specific insights to managers and team members to help them better perform as a team and deliver successful results.

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Objectives & Benefits

  • Precise development model to determine specific actions for improving the team’s maturity.
  • Determine concrete collective or individual actions and behaviors in order to develop team cohesiveness and coherence for better results.
  • Gain specific insights for dealing with cross cultural issues between global teams.
  • Help executive committees overcome struggles for power.
  • Project teams will learn to be more quickly efficient and avoid project pitfalls.
  • Reassessment allows the team to measure the progress made and identify areas left for growth.

Key Features

  • Team development assessment tool
  • Identification of team maturity level
  • Team cohesiveness
  • Action Plan
  • Teamwork
  • Questionnaire with analysis and recommendations
  • Reassessment for progress measurement