Cracking the Sales Management Code


Cracking the Sales Management Code (CSMC) details a comprehensive workshop that helps sales managers focus their sellers onto the activities that make a difference, while giving the managers a track to run on.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Describe the importance of the sales manager's role.
  • Describe the impact that management rhythm has on the sales manager and the team.
  • Determine how to select applicable sales processes based on how buyers buy from you.
  • Determine key motivators in the customer buying process.
  • Identify which sales processes are most important to your situation/role.
  • Develop a plan to apply the Management Rhythm, Sales Process, and tools to your environment.

Key Features

  • Step 1: Identifying the key selling activities of the sales team
  • Step 2: Identifying the management behaviors that will improve these activities
  • Step 3: Enable sales manager to coach and develop their reps in a highly relevant way