OCP France


OCP delivers pharmaceuticals to French Pharmacies between 1 and 5 times per day. 50 agencies cover the French territory. The margin on this business is very low as the market is regulated by the government (prices are fixed), productivity savings can only increase the profitability of the company.


  1. Many products are being damaged during the production phase, impacting profitability.
  2. The organization has been unsuccessful in decreasing the number of damaged products, with training and information campaigns that were implemented in the past.
  3. The organization is controlled by a union, which has contributed to the difficulty initiating change within the OCP organization.


OCP determined the following as necessities for improvement:
  • Associates (all stakeholders) must communicate with employees before implementing changes in the preparation process.
  • Master good project management methodologies and techniques.
  • Work in teams, gathering people from different services to guarantee a good coverage of all project aspects and involve all services simultaneously.
  • Ensure good communication during the project phase, and after, to reinforce success and acknowledge people's effort.

“The number of broken products has been reduced by 50% (savings can reach 40,000 € a month for the biggest agencies). ”


The project has accomplished the following results:
  • Each Manager, within the 50 agencies, participated in Personas Project Management workshop.
  • Damage products during the production phase reduced by 50% (a saving’s of 40 000 € a month for the large agencies).
  • The organization will be applying Personas Project Management 360° * Methodology to other areas within the organization.


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