Statoil Gass Reduces Oil Leaks 80%

Norwegian oil producer Statoil Gass was recently faced with serious leaks in one offshore drilling operation. Statoil attacked the problem by finding out how employees and suppliers did their jobs while on the platforms—and what changes could be made to help everyone work more efficiently.

To reinforce their efforts, Statoil Gass asked Persona Scandinavia to conduct over 100 employee interviews and use the Organizational Alignment Survey to help the company understand how employees and suppliers were working together. Based on results from the interviews and the OAS survey, Persona Scandinavia helped Statoil implement changes that are helping drilling teams significantly reduce errors.

“Improved procedures and a renewed sense of partnership.”

The result of this long-term project is a remarkable 80% reduction in oil leaks at the affected Statfjord field and a significant reduction in overall costs. The company has also uncovered performance gaps between employees and suppliers, which has led to improved procedures and a renewed sense of partnership.


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