Persona Programs Develop Managers

When English automobile paint finisher Haden Drysys International sought a management development program for a group of highly experienced project engineers, MaST U.K.'s Michael Skirving was able to offer a new idea.

"The concept that neither management nor leadership principles are of value unless they're firmly embedded in corporate objectives is a key message of Persona's new Leadership and Professional Manager programs," he says. "In the realm of leadership and management training, the focus on what you do versus what you know is a new idea for many."

“The focus on what you do versus what you know is a new idea for many.”

Skirving incorporated the two Persona programs with a change management model that Haden Drysys could use over an 18-month period. Project engineers will complete a three-day program including modules relating to issues such as motivation, counseling, and delegation. They will spend three additional days during the period incorporating new action plans and monitoring progress.The initiative will culminate in a memorable team event.

"When we are able to demonstrate the compatibility of the Leadership and Professional Manager programs using an integrated model, and explain that the effectiveness of action plans can be validated, companies get excited,"Skirving explains. And Persona can help companies develop managers for long-term results.


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