Project Management 360°


The success of a project relies not only on the mastery of project management techniques, but also on the ability to manage and, mobilize a team, and lead change processes. Project Management (PM360) is a unique training program that teaches project managers to master different skills by utilizing 360° evaluation tools on his/her managerial practices.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • How to manage a project from Definition-Planning-Implementation-Conclusion.
  • Learn important tools and techniques for each phase.
  • Develop effective communication to complete the project.
  • Learn how to better identify, anticipate, and handle resistance.
  • Learn to use different channels in the organization to move the project forward.

Key Features

  • “Perception by others” questionnaires
  • Team leadership
  • Change leadership
  • Project Management skills
  • Project Life cycle
  • Project Implementation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Essential stages of project conclusion