Selling Your Technological Solutions


Presenting new ideas or solutions can be frustrating when your audience "doesn't seem to get it," or when you lack the ability to persuade effectively. Selling Your Technological Solutions (SYTS) focuses on helping you develop the communication skills required to make effective presentations that reach your audience, no matter their level of technological understanding or resistance to new ideas.

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Objectives & Benefits




  • Establish the importance of communication in presenting your technological ideas/solutions to others.
  • Examine how people communicate and miscommunicate with each other.
  • Develop a systematic method for recognizing the needs of others according to their behavior.
  • Learn to see yourself as others perceive you.
  • Develop a method of adapting our behavior to reach others by means of a negotiation process.
  • Learn how we can adapt our behavior to reach others at all levels of technological understanding.
  • Acquire skills that promote effective technological presentations.
  • Apply learned ideas to a real-life work situation.
  • Develop a plan for continued use of the skills developed during the program.

Key Features

Social Style

• Consequences of poor communications
• Mr. “X” Case Study
• Persona Trust Model
• Description vs. Judgement
• Communication Style Matrix

Trust and Empathy

• Four Elements of Trust
• Strengths & weaknesses in Trust Building
• Empathy
• Behaviors of a person projecting empathy
• Style & empathy feedback

Change and Defensiveness

• Style Recognition exercises
• How each style reacts to tension
• Maintenance cycle
• Defensive behavior
• Growth spiral
• Persuasion


• Understanding flexibility
• Behaviors of a flexible person
• Flexibility feedback
• Bingo game


• Presenting
• Presenting: a self-evaluation instrument
• Your strengths as a presenter
• Directing your energy
• Presenter behaviors
• Myths about presenting
• Presenting to others’ needs
• How you know your audience is with you
• Building trust with your audience
• Presenting to a multi-style group
• In business, what each communication responds to
• Behaviors of a defensive audience
• Tactics for turning the tide – do/don’t


• Presenting is…
• A seven-step presentation process


Online or mobile application

Added Value Features

01. Self-perception Survey
Participants’ perception of their own communication style.02. Respondent Survey
Respondent Survey
Participants receive feedback about how a peer or colleague perceive their Style, Empathy and Flexibility.
03. Gameplan Case Study
Role playing on how the participant communicates with a “real life” difficult person.


Added Value Features

MOBILE APPLICATIONAll participants can acquire access to Persona’s expert system Gameplanning Software on the iPhone or Android phone to meet future communication challenges. This cutting edge technology help users:
• Reach greater retention and proficient use of acquired skills.
• Take notes, share information/listener profiles with managers and colleagues.
• Include specific benefits their clients are listening for.The app provides business support and reinforcement; it enables delegates to “Prep” themselves just before an important interaction with anyone they need to persuade, influence or motivate.