Rich Way Simulation - Fair Process Leadership of Change


The Rich Way simulation gives people the opportunity to think through the 'How' of a complex change situation, experiencing the impact of the way decisions are made and the people who are involved.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • PROFILING and prioritizing stakeholders in the process
  • DEVELOPING, using and adapting a communication strategy to gather and disseminate information
  • UNDERSTANDING the range of rational and non-rational factors that determine individual attitudes
  • USING THE INFLUENCE NETWORK to build support for their initiatives
  • UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT of national and organizational culture on individual attitudes and behaviors
  • BALANCING the economic and financial impact of a plan with its human implications and consequences


Key Features

  • Distinguishing fair processes from fair outcomes
  • Engaging and exploring for detail using data
  • Shifting to a mindset of involvement
  • Communication methods and strategies
  • Diversity of views and the importance/ impact of these views in a changing business context
  • Achieving superior business results by applying more systematic thinking about the process used