OAS Leads a Quality Initiative

Dutch pharmaceutical manufacturer DUPHAR NEDERLAND serves a variety of customers, including pharmacists, general practitioners, hospitals, and specialised medical clinics.  It also operates in a very competitive market, where quality and service are critical differentiators.

Managing Director J. Letschert viewed OAS as a valuable internal diagnostic tool that would help the company align around improved quality and service, and develop a market driven corporate culture.  He sought a full service diagnostic approach that provided not only comprehensive analysis and interpretation, but also meaningful suggestions and recommendations for action.

Felix Lehiani of M.O.R.E (Belgium) together with Jos Reijnders of AMPECT CONSULTANTS (Holland), worked with DUPHAR NEDERLAND to survey all employees and provide comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the findings.  Based on the survey results and recommendations provided by Lehiani and Reijnders, DUPHAR NEDERLAND decided to:

  • Determine three priority tasks for the Executive Committee to be implemented immediately  
  • Increase the quality and frequency of internal communication between top and senior managers on one hand, and junior managers and staff on the other.  
  • Reduce misalignment within the Executive Committee team itself

Focused Improvement Process

The OAS provided a valuable, new perspective.  "It is not easy for an organisation to 'look at itself in the mirror' and uncover important management factors that could not be perceived by the organisation itself," says Letschert.

"And yet, it is necessary for management to identify bottlenecks and establish the foundations of an ongoing process for improvement.  I want to express my appreciation for the excellent analysis of our company through the Organizational Alignment Survey."


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