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Eduardo Esteves


Mr. Eduardo Esteves is a member of Persona Global, Inc. Stationed in Florida (USA), his first primary focus is on the Latin American marketplace, being responsible for establishing new business partnerships, managing client relationships and promoting Persona’s methodologies and surveys. Mr. Esteves has more than 20 years of experience in the consulting and training industry. He is well-versed and able to apply Persona’s proprietary programs and techniques to further enhance his consulting capabilities. Companies that have benefited from Mr. Esteves; expertise include: Nortel Network, SAP, Lucent Technology, Votorantim, Effem, Amanco, Marsh, Lab. Roche, etc. In collaboration with Dr. Donald T. Tosti (Ph.D), Mr. Esteves created Talent Management Process (TMP), which is a 360-degree assessment tool—an ongoing and dynamic process that presents action plans to help managers to reach their full potential. TMP allows the harmonious support of HR initiatives in the areas of Mentoring & Coaching, Compensation, Succession Planning, Recognition & Appreciation, Job Description as well as individual Training & Development Plans. TMP benefits include Development (identifying specific needs for training and development for fast-track managers and Succession Planning (ensuring an adequate supply of talent to fill key positions in an organization), Benchmarking (measuring the level of competency and performance of professionals within an organization, Strategizing (helping retain key employees in order to cover the long-term needs of a business) and Reinforcing (recognizing fast-track managers based on performance).


Mr. Esteves’ areas of expertise cover sales force development, organizational development and change management. He also observes that most internal company research only deals with how satisfied employees are rather than how well they are able to perform in the market. As a Human Resources/Sales consultant-specialist, Mr. Esteves uses e-based assessment tools to help organizations improve people performance by making it possible for employers to achieve maximum results. Mr. Esteves’ background knowledge and expertise are a complement to any organizational development engagement. Mr. Esteves is a certified trainer in various Persona methodologies, such as Persuasive Communicator, Execution, Customer Experience Management Plus, Talent Management Process, Sales Competence Assessment, Organizational Alignment Survey, Customer Value Survey, Management Action Profile, etc., and has conducted many customized projects and workshops using Persona’s methodologies. To help companies achieve great business success, Mr. Esteves has created, in collaboration with Dr. Donald T. Tosti (Ph.D), the Talent Management Process. The survey data are compared with Persona’s Talents data base per industry, region or best-in-class. The Talent Management Process was validated at San Francisco University (an independent entity).

Current Activities

As Persona Regional Director for Latin, Mr. Esteves travels extensively, meeting CEOs, directors and licensees to further develop Persona’s business. He provides support to current and prospective Persona’s partners for the Latin America market and promotes Persona Consulting International’s Strategic Change Methodologies. He also engages clients and renders consulting services.


Mr. Esteves’ expertise lies in Human Resources and Sales/Marketing Consulting as well as in course development and delivery. Before joining Persona, Mr. Esteves had extensive involvement in world-renowned Hay Management Consultant (Hay Group) and Raytheon Professional Services (DOOR). He also spent 12 years leading his own consulting firm with 9 full-time consultants. He has also had experience in the beginning of his professional carrier, working as a Sales Engineer with Grace and as a Mechanical Engineer with Varig Airlines.


Mr. Esteves has a Baccalaureate Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also did postgraduate coursework in Marketing (ESPM) and Master-level coursework in Business Administration. Currently, Mr. Esteves is attending a Master-level program in HR Development at Florida International University.


In 2000, Mr. Esteves published a book called "Success Entrepreneur", which currently is in the 3rd Edition.


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