“The value Dawson McDonald provided to my organisation was their ability to communicate the importance of quality customer service in a very clear, logical and non-threatening way to staff. The results being that staff were empowered to think differently about their roles and how they could make a contribution to improving the Institutes overall customer experience.“


CEO, Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE, Australia.

“What would have taken us months to learn about each other, we learned in 3 days at Cooperation and Beyond. This accelerated us toward the relationship we desired.


Bill Desmond Team Leader and Manager Chevron Supplier Quality Improvement Process

“I appreciated the care of the participant, the flexibility in the design of TM and the ability to tailor the process for assessing talent in our region.“


Fernando Lima, Human Resources VP, Votorantim Brazil

“Our experience with Cooperation & Beyond elevated the traditional long-term relationship to a new dimension of empathy and trust. This appreciation for each party’s unique challenges produced collective energy. It prepared our group to focus on positive mutual results of the core team and set the stage for continuous improvement through open, honest and fun dialogue. “


J. Michael Fitzpatrick, Account Manager, World-Wide Alliances, Steelcase, Inc.

“The Innovative Decision Making workshop is very valuable to me as a Sales Manager. I have attended other workshops on decision making but Persona’s IDM is different. It is easy to follow, down-to-earth, and user-friendly. I’d like to see all supervisors to go through it.”


Vani Sardjono, Regional Sales Manager, Garuda Airlines

“The Customer Experience Management methodology and the subsequent audit of AAAT's major touch points with our customers resulted in a list of specific action points designed to improve our product and service quality and the likelihood of customer recommendation. CEM acts as an 'early warning system' enabling companies to take remedial action in their specific markets to ensure sustained or increasing profitability and customers who will recommend them to others. I would be more than happy to recommend the CEM methodology to other companies, as implemented by Dawson McDonald & Associates.“


Tony Carrucan, Research Manager, AAA Tourism Melbourne, Australia

“I found the CEM+ survey to be of enormous value to O2 Ireland. Based on previous research we all had our own interpretation of what customers expected and how we were performing relative to the market. The research findings gave us unprecedented clarity around what earned loyalty in the market and enabled us to communicate hard facts to senior managers and staff alike. I would recommend Shaun's approach to any business embarking on a strategy centered around the customer.“


Darren McLean, Head of Customer Insight & Research O2 Ireland

"The CEM+ provided insight into the relative importance of certain attributes, as valued by our customers, which in turn has helped set the priorities of our actions. By splitting the results between two different customer groups, CEM+ also gave us insights into previously unrecognised issues.“


Andrew Webb, Group CRM and After-Sales Director, The Carphone Warehouse