Customer Experience Management+™


Customer Experience Management+ (CEM+) is designed to provide top executives with a solid understanding of how customer experience can be used to create competitive advantage and differentiate their organization by identifying the critical expectations of their most profitable customers. This helps to define your brand strategy, craft the brand promise and refine the overall customer experience.

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Objectives & Benefits



  • Creates insight about your current customer experience and how to improve it.
  • Fast, reliable results through the focus on your target customers.
  • Receive recommendations focused on adding value to customers.
  • Understand economic benefits of creating and delivering customer experience.
  • Understand components and framework to improve company performance.
  • Identify actions to improve the delivery of the brand and experience.
  • Use customer and employee surveys to increase organizational performance and develop plans for organizational change.

Key Features

  • Understanding the Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience Assessment Survey
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Action Steps
  • Current customer experience organizational evaluation
  • Defined differentiated brand promise and customer experience