PRIDE®: Team-Driven Team Building


PRIDE® is a first-class training approach to team building that is enjoyable, comprehensive, and cost-effective. It measures five categories that correspond to the key requirements for team and individual development, and builds skills around these core concepts. It can easily be integrated into existing quality and productivity initiatives, or be set as the standard.

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Objectives & Benefits



  • PRIDE training builds core concepts in team/individual development and can be easily integrated into existing quality and productivity initiatives or it can be the basis of these efforts.
  • Make teams and individuals learn more effectively.
  • Provide a common language and systematic approach for team development efforts.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Build internal and external customer relationships.
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction.
  • Get bottom-line results in less time with less waste and less stress.

Key Features

  • Highly interactive five segment PRIDE fundamentals workshop
  • One day group and individual exercises, discussions, and skill practices
  • Framework, processes, and strategies aimed at increasing organizational productivity and performance
  • Methods to measure performance
  • Ways to assess team development progress
  • Ways to directly link competitive strategy to the day-to-day activities of employees
  • Self-direction techniques to develop capabilities of individual team members