Direct Leadership®


Direct Leadership (DL) teaches the precise nature of the leader's work among his/her subordinates during day-to-day interactions, and identifies the leadership practices that determine if employees are being helped or hampered by their managers. The tools can be utilized in training and coaching programs.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Emphasis is on acquiring immediately usable skills rather than learning theory.
  • A simple, practical methodology.
  • The model can be applied repeatedly to future leadership challenges.
  • Due to its unique and innovative focus on deliverables, the model will always expand on existing programs and may be added to or combined with all known models of leadership values or competencies.
  • The model and skills learned are generic and applicable in all cultures.
  • Participants take away an action plan based on self-assessments and peer feedback during the workshop.
  • Typically leaders are assessed by different standards by superiors and subordinates. After this workshop participants can be assessed by both parties by the same set of parameters.
  • With this model participants learn how to be proactively helping their employees perform rather than reactively patching up problems.

Key Features

  • Workshop
  • Direct/everyday leadership development
  • Utilizes the 7 roles, 4 styles framework and how they combine in Direct Leadership matrix
  • Seizing leadership opportunities
  • Application of your personal style and learned material to fit your own business practices
  • Summarization of participants learning’s into individual personal development plans
  • Universal skills development
  • Communication and people skills development