Authors and Consultants

Jon Gornstein

Jon Gornstein, Founder and President of Persona GLOBAL®, Inc., is an industry pioneer in the practice of change

Jean-Benoit Parat and Francois Pham

Jean-Benoit Parat and Francois Pham are partners with Persona Global President and Founder Jon Gornstein in the Paris-based

Martin Wikoff , Ph.D.

Dr. Martin Wikoff is a research psychologist, educator and recognized authority on organizational development, productivity improvement, and behavioral

Shaun Smith

Over the last few years, Shaun has been a key catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical

Rick Brandon, Ph.D.

Rick Brandon, Ph.D., has a 30-year track record of providing leadership and business communication learning solutions to scores

Robert C. Parker, C.P.M.

Robert Parker is one of the world's most knowledgeable experts in the practice of effective supply chain relationships.

Frances Tweedy and Cheryl Wright

Frances Tweedy and Cheryl Wright are Senior Consultants with Capability Group Ltd., founded by them in the mid

Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan is a partner of Vantage Point Performance, a sales management training and development firm. He is

Michelle Vazzana

Michelle Vazzana is a partner at Vantage Point Performance, the most innovative sales management training and development firm

Elva Ainsworth

Elva delivers innovative transformational leadership programmes and web-based software solutions alongside the provision of strategic direction and business

Dr. János Serényi & Dr. Barnabás Takács, Ph.D.

Dr. János Serényi was entrusted on the eve of the change of the regime by American advertising giant

Rustem Bogdanov and Ildar F. Bogdanov

Rustem Bogdanov and Ildar F. Bogdanov are Co-Founders of BIRC. Rustem and Ildar managed to develop BIRC from

Mark Schenk

Mark joined Anecdote as the Managing Director in 2005. Together with the founder of Anecdote, Mark has guided

Karin Zastrow

Karin Zastrow developed Direct LeadershipTM, her own concept for making management skills and leadership attitude come together. In

José Luis Cascallar

José Luis Cascallar - Persona GLOBAL® Senior Consultant - is responsible for the Persona Read More

Paul Stuart

Paul Stuart is the Regional Director of Persona GLOBAL®, based in Singapore. As an experienced consultant, Paul

Eduardo Esteves

Mr. Eduardo Esteves is a member of Persona Global, Inc. Stationed in Florida (USA), his first primary focus

Rosa María Barreiro

Rosa María Barreiro is Strategic Management & Human Resources Consultant. Sheo is an innovative leader, business strategist

Francisco Acosta

Francisco Acosta has a lot of experience in strategic management as executive consultant in different sectors. He is

Aurea Patricia Romero

Aurea Romero has got a Masters Degree in Business Administration, who also holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology.


Carlos is currently a certified trainer for Persona Global Latin America in Mexico. He has been an independent

Loreto García Muriel

Recently, Loreto was the Managing Director of Organizational Culture and Financial Education at Citigroup Mexico / Banamex. She

Norma Lilia Gutiérrez Zamora

Norma Lilia is now part of the Persona GLOBAL family in Latin America. She has worked as

Pilar Olivia Eliard Calzada

Pilar Olivia Eliard Calzada has a college degree in Business Administration from Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Tamaulipas

Carlos Enrique Pérez Estrada

Carlos Enrique holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with a specialization in human resources and a master

Margarita María Solis Hernández

Throughout her career, Margarita Solis has worked in management and leadership positions both for national and international companies

Mark Robilliard

Mark Robilliard is a Co-founder and CEO Americas of Color Accounting International, an education and publishing firm headquartered

Robert Reinfuss

Robert is a practitioner of management, business consultant and author of numerous publications in the field of personnel

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