10,000 Managers Measure Performance with Profile

Persona is helping one of the world's largest diversified conglomerates maintain its highly profitable competitive edge.  South Korea's Lucky Goldstar Industrial Group consists of more than 50 corporations. Together, they supply a huge range of products and services ranging from petrochemical products to consumer goods, including gas, insurance, securities, audiovisual products, home appliances and more. In most domestic and international markets, the Group maintains a competitive and leading edge.

The Lucky Goldstar Industrial Group recently redefined its mission and needed to train employees in the newly defined values and required skills. Persona Korea worked with Lucky Goldstar to develop "Working Together" training for group and middle managers.  The training focuses on management practices and is supported by Persona's Performance Systems Profile management assessment and training by 1998.

The Performance Systems Profile is the computerized assessment component of Persona's Managing Performance program, which teaches leadership strategies to managers.  It is equally effective whether implemented with the training program or alone.  The Profile helps managers evaluate their own performance against the managerial principles identified as most important by the company.

Managers assess their performance against key management principles.

Managers assess themselves and are also assessed by subordinates.  Results are processed by computer and then presented to the manager, illustrating to what degree he or she is performing against the principles and providing guidance for performance improvement.


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