Organizational Savvy


Organizational Savvy (OS) is a workshop for professionals who wish to manage office politics and use them to benefit their career. It will help adjust attitudes about power and politics, confronts naiveté about organizational dynamics, and provides practical political skills for building organizational impact with integrity.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Achieve strategic influence, recognition, and credit.
  • Learn practical areas in which to enter the ethical politics arena.
  • Learn to recognize and deal with other political styles.
  • Become aware and able to navigate organizational politics and power effectively.
  • Detect hidden agendas, sabotage, and deception that can scorch company resources and reputations.
  • Achieve strategic influence, recognition, and credit.
  • Build role credibility among your entire team.
  • Prevent and protect yourself from being passed over, underestimated, marginalized, or sabotaged.
  • A high-integrity work environment for a healthier organizational and external reputation.
  • Functional areas become strategic partners.
  • Empowered employees network strategically, prompting collaboration and innovation.
  • Sell your ideas and positively impact the enterprise.

Key Features

  • The need for organizational savvy
  • Political style identification
  • Savvy skills assessment
  • Case studies
  • Perceptions/attitudes
  • “Street-Smart” Savvy Skills
  • Influential vocabulary
  • Ethical Lobbying
  • Manage sabotage, deception, and challenges