12 Make-or-Break Customer Focused Areas

Companies that Align All Twelve, Key Areas, Achieve Performance and Market Excellence—the Mark of "Best-in-Class" Competitors.  All it Takes is:

  1. Market Orientation: Does the company listen to customers?
  2. Vision, Mission and Strategy: Have the company's mission and plans been identified and are they clearly understood?
  3. Culture: Are all employees working toward the same goals?
  4. Standards and Procedures: Are processes efficient and designed to serve the customer?
  5. Service Delivery: Do company resources and training support internal and external customer service excellence?
  6. People Policies: Are reward and recognition systems in place, and does the physical environment support employees' high performance?
  7. Climate: Is internal communication open and morale high?
  8. Maintenance of Total Quality: Is reducing errors, while maintaining highest product or service quality a priority?
  9. Leadership Practices: Is management willing and able to bring the 12 key factors into alignment?
  10. Product Differentiation: Has the company achieved market prominence as a result of its product, people and customer-focused service?
  11. Performance Tracking: Is customer service performance measured and communicated regularly?
  12. Monitoring of the Environment: Is the company monitoring the commercial, social and political aspects which affect its marketplace?


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