Breakthrough Account Analysis™


To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, organizations are investing heavily in sales force training and tools. However, unless skills are practiced and reinforced outside the classroom, over 80% of what is learned during sales training will be forgotten. A common obstacle is that the skills taught are too difficult or complex to use in the “real world.” Breakthrough Account Analysis (BAA) was developed specifically to overcome these obstacles by promoting the execution of selling skills and strategies in the "real world."

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Objectives & Benefits



  • Execution of selling skills and strategy in the real world.
  • Immediately relevant and applicable skills applied to real accounts and opportunities.
  • Create reinforceable skills for salespeople to retain in the long term.
  • Reduction of wasted investments toward accounts and lost sales.
  • Action plan developed for attendees to leave the workshop with specific actions to execute.

Key Features

  • Questionnaire to initiate key account opportunity analysis
  • Analysis Feedback
  • Account analysis workshop/meeting
  • Knowledge/reliability overview of your current level of knowledge and reliability of information
  • Action Steps
  • Account development
  • Needs and buying criteria
  • Team selling requirements