Inspiring Leader Breakthrough


Inspiring Leader Breakthrough (ILB) is an engaging customizable workshop and coaching program that utilizes 360° feedback tools designed to provide relevant data to junior/middle managers. The tools were developed to ensure managers get clear and specific feedback on the behaviors that matter, in order to achieve transformational results.

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Objectives & Benefits


  • Access to the philosophy and approach to breakthroughs in performance.
  • A profound understanding of how this unique model delivers performance breakthrough.
  • How to mine feedback reports to uncover deeper meaning.
  • How to use the 360 Degree Discovery Method to create shifts in performance.
  • Secret techniques for Selling Inspiring Leader Breakthrough.

Key Features

  • Inspiring Leader Breakthrough’s unique 360 feedback leadership model is founded in psychology, neuroscience, statistics, and HR experience.
  • The model can be used with all employees up to CEO level and works with any organization’s competency model.
  • Delivers a thorough and robust evaluation and understanding on your talent.
  • Permits a real commitment to learning to occur.
  • Easy benchmarking of data. Allows analysis and understanding of how your leaders are really performing within teams, organizations, and across industry sectors.